quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Aceitar a pena-de-morte é para «loosers»

Este extracto de texto (em inglês) é também de Robin Sharma e recebi-o agora no meu e-mail. É inspiradora a carga energética que as suas palavras nos transmitem. «Não deixe que ninguém lhe imponha limites (...) Rodeie-se de inconformistas, fale com pessoas que aceitam riscos, recuse-se a aceitar a sentença de morte do cinismo».

Many people will decide that leadership is not for them. They are more comfortable following than leading. That's just fine. But remember what others do is not necessarily for you. Those that resist greatness will try to hold you back. Don't let anyone tell you taking a leadership role is bigger than your position. Don't let anyone set the limits on your life. Get yourself around believers and other leaders: the commanders of cutting-edge and the non-conformists. Talk with the risk takers. Refuse to accept the death sentence of cynicism.

Get out of your League
You were not born for smallness. Your life did not come with a pre-set ceiling of success. Sometimes people fall into and stay in a certain league. Going beyond the wins of yesterday doesn't seem possible. Going beyond previous levels of achievements doesn't occur to them. Get out of your league. No one is keeping you there. Go beyond yourself. Your habits. Your standards. Challenge your limiting beliefs. Challenge your personal status quo. Find a way to do more today than you did yesterday.