quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Living with or without… Fear

Some days ago I went to a workshop about fear: Living Without Fear. Indeed, I learned a lot. Fear is not be afraid of something outside us, that wants to attack or put us in trouble.

Fear comes from inside. From we have learned, esteriotips, mainly what we think about the others and about our capabilities.

Albert Bandura, a Canadian professor, developed a theory about Sense of Self-Efficacy. If you want to do something great in your life, grow professionally, you’d better have a good sense of efficacy, that means you are confident, you believe you can do it, you can achieve. That is only possible if you don’t feel fear…

Almost everything depends on the personal lie and the personal power. This is something we can sum in four items each. First, the personal lie:
1-«I’m not worth» 2-«I’ve never desired» 3-«I’m guilty» 4-«I’m not able»

For each one of personal lies, we can link the personal power:
1-Agressiveness, criticism, materialism 2-Seduction, physical appearance, aproval 3-Responsibility, lack of motivation, need to give 4-Timidity, insecurity, perfectionism

With a meditation exercise, all people in the audience found the personal lie, then the personal power, and finally each one realize the negative belief that drove each life, behaviors, dreams, self-esteem.

The negative belief is something that blocks the potential, the source of energy and faith. Everybody realized there was a lot of work to do to get rid of it. It is not easy to do, hurts a lot. Many people in audience cried and at the end everyone went home working on... self development.