quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Leading by example

Les Brown, a well-known speaker, said to Darren Hardy, the Success magazine publisher, about the power of influencing an audience: «It’s important you reveal more about who you are, not just what you know. You can’t just talk to people’s heads or only appeal to their intelligence; you have to talk to their hearts. You can’t move people with logic. They cannot just hear you… They have to feel you. And they will only feel you if they know you, not your title or résumé, but your story, the truth of who you really are and how you got here—both the triumphs and the failings. This is what will make you real and make you available to be connected to and able to influence and motivate others.»
Leaders must lead by example and let people get to know them; expose their faults, who they are, their true story. Strenghts and vulnerabilities.

And Darren Hardy ends: «I believe we are beginning an era of authenticity. People want to connect with what’s real, open, honest, transparent and authentic. If you want to be a leader of the future, this is one of your greatest keys. Open yourself up to others. Be real. Lead by example in your honesty and openness. If people can feel you, connect with you, they will charge through walls for you. That is real leadership.»

And I believe the world crisis is a result of fake leadership and lies. In this new era we require new behavior too from the world leaders, and from company leaders. With nowadays lack of authentic leadership we go to nowhere.