segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010

People who glow and people who don't

In her book, «Glow», Lynda Gratton explains the differences between people who glow and people who don't. How they describe their experiences in work places that ignite energy. Here you are some examples:

People who were in places that helped them to glow:

«I knew I was glowing because people could see how involved and excited I was»

«I had inherited a really dreary job, but I managed to turn it around and make it into something that made me pleased to wake up in morning»

«I am proud that my colleagues and I crafted a task that sparked energy in lots of people and drew people toward it»

«I feel really inspired by what I am doing - and I know that people can see my inspiration»

People who were in places that didn't help them to glow

«I felt content but incredibly bored»

«Sometimes I found myself almost asleep at my desk. I struggled to get through the day»

«I never really got the point of what I was doing. I couldn't make a connection between myself and my work»

«It was one of those places where you never dared question anything. The most important thing was to keep your head down»

The places, colleagues and circumstances are very important to ignite our energy, ideas, fealings, visions and future perspectives. But our responsability is to find a place, a job, and people that inspires us to find the way.
As Lynda writes: «Clearly, if you want to glow, you have to find something in your daily work that excites and intrigues you and has the possibility of sparking the energy of others.»