sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Forrest Leader Gump

Last weekend I watched Forrest Gump movie for the second time in years. My opinion about the quality of the film hasn’t changed. Forrest was a simple guy with a lack of IQ. Nevertheless he became a great leader, a very rich, famous and respected man.

Indeed, the movie is a complete lesson of leadership. What did Forrest do to become a leader? Simply he was himself… But he had something really different from other people, anyway. Here’s some crucial qualities that lead him to be a great man:

Focalization / Discipline / Determination / Simplicity / Honesty / Integrity / Respect / Compassion / Tolerance / Humility / Confidence / Concentration

He succeeded in life with simplicity. Helped, respeted and loved his fellows.

Forrest determination created hot spots to many people. People who had ideas, who had ideals, but were looking for a meaning in their lives. Politics, movements against war, religion, racial right, etc. Forrest only had a loved woman and dreamed all his life with her. He cared about his mother, his loved girl and his mother.

It is worth reviewing this movie to learn about humankind and leadership...