quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

It should have some shame...

A sad page in the Portuguese Journal of Business (Jornal de Negócios) August 5. The «boss of bosses» of the footwear in Portugal complains that can not recruit people for its four factories. That absenteeism is more than a lot at around 10%. And that the two employees hired recently, one didn't appeared, the other worked two days and disappeared. More: Of 10 people recruited from the Employment Office only two are there.
To add this list of complaints, three details: 1) A photo of him, the boss, who I show above. Arrogant, gold watch? Dominator. 2) It has about 50 million euro profit a year. 3) Use words like «There is no ambition to work» in Portugal.

It seems that «Fortunato, boss of bosses of the Portuguese footwear industry, is lacking his patience to get to the chronic problem of lack of manpower in its four factories», we can read in newspaper.

But this Journal of Business article lack the whys of this situation. Why he can't get people to work? Because it is not attractive to anyone. It don't adds value. He bases his production with the minimum wage, 475 euros, with schedules, workloads and conditions inhumane. But he says that «people have no ambition».

Note, Mr. Fortunato, those who work for you may no longer have ambition. Those who flee from you and your factories, denying what you have to «offer» them, I assure you, have lots of ambition. Want to work with and for worthy individuals, that respect others.

The reasons are always the same: «people do not want to work.» And so it will cover up the real problem: People do not want to work for certain people, in one certain conditions, in certain circumstances. Why? Because people have evolved and no longer wish to work for «masters» stuck in time, waiting for slavery to continue, even now, in times of crisis.

Enrich, but have some shame when talking. If you don't have people who want to work, you are the responsible...