domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Become what you want in past

Some days ago, I was talking with a friend who told me he had some problems in his mind. He got divorced recently, but he was stuck in the past. Remembering and recalling his memories.

In that moment I thought in a metaphore to help him. Then I told him something I think fortunately worked in his mind:
«Imagine you buy a flower. For a while you like it, so you watering it everyday, you look at it, admire it. As the time pass, the flower grows, colorful, lush, healthy. Amazing, beautiful.

The ability we have to pay or not attention to something and to make it grow or not is powerful. But this is a common place. Everybody knows this, I think. You can guess too what happen to the flower if you forget it, just because you bought, for instance, a little sweet fish. Now, every day you only watch the fish, feed him, take care of aquarium, plants, stones and so one. The fish is now happy, shining, healthy.
Well, seems the flower withered. What a obvious conclusion… To say what? …

To remember you about the power we have to make the present into past. In a short time, and because of a lack of attention, the flower became a piece of past, withered. Obviously, if you don’t pay attention to something, something dies. But, at the same time, something can shine around if you want, if you are interested in. It’s simple, not easy. But it’s simple.

A real bad experience, something we would like to erase from our mind but unfortunately we keep going to give it power… Use your power to make all present painful pieces of your life in past. Please find a "fish", moving away from what you don’t want.»

Well, when my friend left me it seemed much happier than before. Maybe he now trys to find his «fish» as a start to reach a little of well being.

Make whatever you want in past, as soon as you can. Even if it takes time. It worth it