segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Philosophy of success - Do you believe?

If you think you are a loser,
You will be defeated.
If you do not think "want at any cost,"
Will not achieve anything.
Even if you want to win, but if you think you will not succeed,
The victory did not smile for you.

If you do things by half
You will be a failure.
We discovered this world
That success begins with our intention
And everything is determined by our mind.

If you think it is an unfortunate,
You will be.
If you aim to achieve a higher position
Must first obtain the victory,
Equip yourself with the belief that you can

The struggle for life is not always advantageous;
Neither the strong nor to clever.
Sooner or later,
Who catches the victory is one that believes in full:
I get it.