quinta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2010

The strange labor world is killing slowly

Labor market is quite strange in these days of crisis. People don’t know what to do to get a job. What is best? What is the best strategy to make an approach? What to highlight? Skills? Experience? Age? Academic degree? Genre? Anyway, it seems to be difficult to make a decision of what to emphasize.

Pauline Laumans is director at http://www.c-t-u.com/, holistic life coach, consultant and trainer coach at Libertas in Vivo Inc., and explains very well this reality. She has experience in countries like USA, Canada and Netherlands and has given me permission to reproduce a block of her remarkable text of the strange labor world. Feel free to have a look at her site www.c-t-u.com to read all the text, titled Applying for a job – Breaking down the knowledge and motivation society

«(…) managers and staff do not know anymore what to do. It is even described in the comic book of “Spike and Suzy” in the “Sounds Tapper” by Willy Vander teen. In the comic there is a conversation between Mr. Jones and Mr. Just about a possible available position. “Mr. Jones, do you have a position available for my son? Well there is a vacancy… no knowledge required salary 12,000 per month. Oh, but that’s too much Mr. Jones. Well then… um… there’s another job… really a job for a friend… there are no requirements… he can just start salary 10,000 per month. Mr. Jones, but that’s still too much. I want my son to start from the bottom. Oh well then he starts at the youngest entrant and begins with a salary of 1,500 per month, but then they he needs to have the right skills, experience and evidence and have to pass the exam.”

To perform a simple job a person needs to have a specific training and experience already, but where the novice person needs to obtain it becomes impossible. Someone with the right experience and diplomas becomes neglected.

A person with the diplomas and experience is called overqualified, too old, too young, missing the x factor, wrong sexe or wrong social background (positive discrimination?) not fitting in the team etc.

For example, someone for a secretary job must well accomplish in Marketing and IT, but get paid for a simple secretarial job.

You may also be too young because someone recently applied for a job at 65 agency and was rejected or you are too old when you have more than 10 years of experience.

If you obtain a job for a few hours they require that you have a car. How to pay a car with only a couple of hours work?»

It worth reading all text and have a look to Pauline’s blog http://www.c-t-u.com/blog/