domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

«If you are not fast, you are food»

Great brands have great slogans. Timberland has created «If you are not fast, you are food».

It is a phrase associated with a type of sneakers. But it can be applied to life. If you do not go fast, you're eaten. Our times are faster. Fast action, ideas, innovation. But as the speed is the enemy of perfection, pay attention to errors and financial and economic disaster that this quickly leads.

But you can not stop. We must be creative and innovative. That are different things.
Generating ideas is CREATIVITY, while INNOVATION joins the achievement. The combination of the two produces the result. One can not live without the other. Bancaleiro José, a portuguese expert in HR, warns of «lack of preparedness of the overwhelming majority of leaders who lack the skills to deal with both aspects».
There's too much concern with status quo and how to keep the position of boss or manager. Creativity is strangled early and the process killer continues throughout life. Especially when we got the job market. And force us to bureaucratize us. Starting with the schedule. (See the previous post video of Ken Robinson. Worry and laugh a lot)
If there is no creativity will run to where? We will be rapid in relation to what and for what?