terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

If you do not have a mentor, choose one

Some days ago, a friend of mine told me about his sadness. Just because he had never had a mentor in his work life. He said: «Lucky people those who have a mentor. Somebody who guide them, coach them, teach them, inspire them… Don’t you think?»
My friend was really upset. He needed someone to follow and inspire him. I didn’t answer but back home I’ve been thinking on that… Well, here is my thoughts:

First truth is everyone needs inspiration to grow up as a person as well as a professional. We know many of us can’t find mentors who help to reach success. Most of the time we only can count with ones who want to take advantage and find always a way to keep us in the same stage. Preventing any chance of learn and grow. They only need keeping status quo and power.

Second truth: in the worst case, some have unwanted examples who lead them to what we call «wrong ways»: bankruptcy, drugs, robbery, suffering, all type of “accidents”. In the worst scenario, of course.

The Third truth is, fortunately, you don’t need the physical presence of a mentor to succeed. If you don’t have it, all you must do is to choose one and follow him, from the distance. Something Tony Robbins, the master of PNL, call modelate: «If you want to succeed you only need to model someone who already has had success. How? Managing the nervous system same way to produce similar results. It’s only a matter of strategy. If I see someone in this world producing a type of result that I want, and if I feel able to pay the bill in time and effort, so I can produce similar results.»

So, lets get down to work. If you want to be successful, you only have to find a way to model those who already have success. Only the action leads to results. But, prepare yourself to pay the bill in time and effort.