domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

Adapt yourself and get sick

In an environment of schemes
you can only be schematic

There are no problems with things, only problems with behaviors that cause the problems, wich define organizational climate.

If your values are not consistent with the company where you work, but you need it to live, you will most likely be to use their adaptive capacity. To a certain extent, you can adapt without discomfort.
But if that point is exceeded, the discomfort settles down and begins consume you daily. Evil thoughts, anxiety, fear, dislike, frustration and demoralization invade your daily behavior and attitude. The week-end or holiday become more than desirable.

What does this stadium?... Which exceeded the tolerance limit, the limit of adaptation. You are in loss, suffering, under stress, say in «survival mode».
If you work in a company where the dishonesty and the schemes are the pattern, you will tend to resist resorting to similar acts. The problem is that if their values are the opposite, prepare to suffer. Even though it fits, what happens is a gradual disintegration of your mind and your psychological framework.
Take note: the higher the adaptive effort, closer you'll feel sick, depressed, stressed, anxious.

What to do? Yes, as life does not end here, there's something to do. Time of change. How about changing company? As Jim Rohn taught, «never underestimate the power of influence. If you hang around with dishonest people, or people who spend a lot of money, or negative ones, sooner or later going to have those tendencies». The reverse is also true. If you live with people who are positive, proactive, honest, straightforward, and sincere manner, you'll tend to emphasize its behavior.

Treating your life and your health is to deal with its surroundings. Is feeding your brain with what make you happy and prosperous. Adapt to an environment that is hostile to your values and you'll be sick. How long will you can handle that? It is always a matter of time.