segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

If I was the boss!... An evolutionary setback

Evolutionary setback, as «negative growth» is how I define one of the largest and most popular business cliches: «If I were the boss!»

In 30 years of work, many people have heard this phrase: «If I were the boss». So far so good, but then we face the intention announced:

- «If I were the boss, I put them all on the line»

- «If I were the boss, I'd set up that guy at that department... »

- «If I were the boss, they would know how it was!!...»

- «If I were the boss, I ended up with much here»

Rarely I have heard ideas about organization, work processes, behavior regulation, productivity and team performance.
It is unfortunate that claim to «put everything in order or in a line», as if this figure of speech was synonymous with productivity.
Experts in leadership and books both say: the first condition for being a leader or manager is willing to be so.

Very good. I agree. And the «why»?

- «Why do you have to be director?»
- «Why do you want to be...?»
- «What do you do if ?...»
How, why and for what?

In my career I had the opportunity of working in large, small and medium-sized companies, all market leaders in the chemical industry and the media. What I been seeing since then it was a patern. For the most part, people in charge were chosen from bizarre assumptions. And that became like a tradition. It is clear that the results were in all situations of loss of competitiveness. And the end result was the sale or even closure of the company.

And why? because these managers are so because they are from someone in the family business or become friends of some hierarchy, or because they attend the house of someone influential or even because they lend themselves to provide information «precious», gossiping about the teams. Or because they are so friendly and helpful staff who make themselves available to perform personal favors.

The protection comes to whom will buy food for the dog's master. Will pay the light and water from the director's residence. Go buy that organic fruit balanced meals for the administrator. Will bring the car to review for lack of time the boss. Finally, a multitude of favors that can maintain an appropriate jurisdiction in a place of leadership.

For me, this reality still so evident is coming from the fragile emotional condition of man, which leads to a kind of evolutionary setback. Like the famous, weird and bizarre «negative growth», if it has meaning.

Everything is studied, everything is published, it is disclosed. But it continues with these very human weaknesses exposed.
There is no end to this, we have to deal with this situation and just try to ameliorate it in time. Secondly, this deep modern crisis, perhaps naturally regulate some of this dysfunctionality. The natural law prevail over the law of man.