quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Ensitel caught by social media for trying to silence a costumer

Beware of these shops
The mobile phone retail company Ensitel is facing a problem because of bad costumer service. Some years ago, one of the company stores based in Lisbon sold a mobile phone Nokia to a customer, a lady. Nevertheless, after a week, the phone display lost its light. At that moment the customer, who tells the hole story in her blog, http://www.jonasnuts.com/, started a real nightmare. The company refused to change the phone or solve the problem, and after several months of correspondence exchange, the case went to court, that, unfortunately, as usual in Portugal, was postponing the decision. Note that, by law, the issue was clear: Ensitel had only to deliver new equipment to the client or return his money. Nothing happened however and until recently... (...)

Today, December 29, I've read in a daily newspaper and in a weekly one that Ensitel appealed to the court in order to compel the customer and blogger to withdraw from her blog all the posts that told the hole story. The story of a nasty customer service provided by Ensitel.

What happened then? Instead of protecting itself from the real truth, we can now realize the great role of social media. Ensitel is tarnished in Facebook and Twitter. The costumer voice can't be banned from the net. Shame on Ensitel and its service. And, by the way, what is happening to Justice system in my country?