quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

I, Me and Mine

There are many people who take long time saying «I», «my» and «me». They spend most of the time praising themselves, selfishly focusing on their own. Usually they get scared if someone around is shining. It is mainly these type of people that make workplaces poorer, overshadowing all with their self-praise, to much talking, interrupting and shouting (even worse when they are incompetent). Nevertheless, this kind of people live in permanent pain. To feel well, they need to have power, so they fight for it all the time.

A more open attitude would make them happier and healthier. It's all in the books, is available to anyone. On this theme, Dalai Lama, in one of his speeches, says this words:
«In America, a scientist who was attending a conference presented a study which showed that people who often use the words "I", "My" and "Me", being self-centered people, who see themselves as very important, are at greater risk for heart attacks. The reason for this seems quite simple. People with self-centered mindset have a very narrow and limited attitude. Thus, a small problem that arises seems to them to be a big problem. On the other hand, if the mind is wide open, even facing a serious problem, this will not seem so important. The vast and open attitude makes all the difference.
The attitude of compassion means feeling of caring for others. And that emotion and attitude automatically widen our perspective towards life, while the selfish motivation closes our mental attitude. (...)»

Knowing that we can't change an individual with such characteristics, at least let's do better by ourselves. Let's be more open. First step, understand that such an individual has problems, maybe since childhood. Second step, we knowing that we can't change the individual concerned, we have two chances: either live with and manage the situation, or we leave it.

In my opinion, the best way is the second one, because, as Jim Rohn said, «Never underestimate the power of influence.» What means if we cohabit with a negative person every day and for long, soon we become like him, or similar. Do not scorn this statement.