segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

Knowing how to do, delegate or ruin

If you try to do what you don't know,
so remains to be done those things
you know to do. Do not interfere, let things happen

It occurred to me a conversation I had some time ago with the managing director of a publishing company I worked for. The kind of person who thinks he knows everything, always suspicious of the competence of others. The paradox of his mission in the company became... DO NOTHING.

The managing director felt that he could and had time to do everything. Asked services to employees but often interfered, even competing with them. So much so that almost everything went wrong or less well. The guy was not doing what was owed to him, could not do what was not owed to him and spoiled the little well done...

One day I sat in front of him and tried to show what was happening. Here is a piece of what I said. Sounds like a wordplay, but the meaning was understood...

«(...) If you do not know don't do it. If you try to do what you don't know, so remains to be done those things you know to do.
Have you noticed that you are only devoted to do what you don't have to do? You say you know everything but your question is that you want to do everything. Do you want but do not know. And if things do not arise is because you do not have time to do things that you really know to do because you delay in what you do not know.
Therefore, delegate, do not interfere, let it happen (...).»

What about effects from this piece of speech?... It is true that there was a test of goodwill and behavioral change, but the guy was too stuck in his ego. And sooner continued to reproduce the previous behavior. The result? The «boat» (company) sank after a few months.