sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Learning to «Rework»

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson demystify what is different. They destroy the standard and sets us to think seriously about what we already had thought but didn't have the courage to give it due importance. This book is against the current and countercurrent. It is anti-herd.

Since Jim Rohn also advised to flee from the opinion of the masses, from the 97% who think the same or similar. Do not use their vocabulary, their expressions, don't think what they think, not follow them where they go, etc.. etc.. The line of this book is the same.

This work is for entrepreneurs who want to change their lives, who need something different, who would overcome the turmoil. It's for everybody who is open to novelty and refuse to remain stuck in a pattern, just because it's comfortable, or even easier to join.

Rework is very much about the world of work, but the world of work is a huge slice of our life and has direct impact on our personal and emotional life. The world of work is more important not to consider personal «life».

Rework is easier to read, each theme has only 1/2 pages. The reading is dry, objective, direct and very simple. No fats. Ah, important, Rework is not a bunch of theories or academic field studies. Rather, it is told in a succession of life experiences.

For all these reasons and the ones you can find if you read it, Rework is a «stone-in-pond», an educational book. Very good, indeed.

Finally, it worth to consult the company's website Jason Fried, 37signals, and his blog.