quarta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2010

Moving in the opposite direction (part I)

A poetic lesson of how to be in life, written by Joaquim Pessoa

Thank you, excellencies.
Thanks for destroying the dream and the opportunity to live happily and in peace.
for the example by striving to give us
how can you live without shame, without dignity and without respect.
Thanks for letting us steal. For not asking us anything.
For not giving us explanations.
Thank you for taking pride in the things we have fought and for which we are entitled.
Thanks for letting us take  sleep. And the peace of mind. And joy.
Thanks for the gray, for depression, for despair.
Thanks for your mediocrity.
And thanks for what they can and do not want to do.
Thank you for everything you do not know and pretend to know.
Thanks for making our hearts in a waiting room.
Thanks for making each of our days one day less interesting than the last.
Thanks for letting us require more than we can give.
Thanks for giving us almost nothing in return.
Thanks for not disguise greed, corruption, the indignity.
For the convenience of your shocking unworthiness
and your happiness gained at any price.
And by your shameful impudence.
Thank you for teaching us everything we never want,
what never we want to do, what we must never accept.
Thank you for being what you are.
Thanks for being as you are.
Lest we also like this.
And so we can easily recognize
whom we must reject.

Joaquim Pessoa (poet, painter and publisher)

We usually spend long time identying what is bad. It's a human thing. Simple but not easy to reverse. The truth is that without evil, what is bad, we would not have the good. It is strange to have to acknowledge what is bad, or what is evil.

Poet Joaquim Pessoa did so in a exemplary way. Highlighting the cultural details of Portuguese heritage, he thanked all the nasty, jealous, castrating, tyrannical, jealous, and finally to all who take their limitations wanting to reproduce it in others at any cost.
His poem, sent to me by my friend Angela, is an example of how, referencing the bad, the evil, we can choose good. To do so just choose the opposite. Just move in the opposite direction. Like my mentor, Jim Rohn, wrote: «Guess what you must to do: moving in the opposite direction»