segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

Recruiting on impulse. A true story.

The CEO didn’t know her, had never seen her, but just an hour after we started the birthday dinner, the man already had a certainty about the friend's birthday, the magazine's publisher:
«You are going to be my son’s partner.» And the guest: «Me, dr.?, ho, please, you let me ashemed!...»
But he insisted: «No, no, I know what I'm saying. You are the person I need to be my son’s partner. I need a person like you, understood in laws area and, from what I've seen here till now, you are the right person. Well... done. We’ll talk after dinner.»

The man had a businessman son linked to the catering. With a good portfolio and a lot of orders, openning a restaurant in downtown Lisbon was the project at that time. The father wanted to help his son getting him a partner, preferably linked to the law area. Being the lady lawyer and friend of the magazine's publisher, seemed that had nothing to fear.

And voila, the recruitment was done. In a birthday dinner, a festive atmosphere, light, informal, positive, where people tell lots of jokes and authentic nonsense outside work climate.
As Jason Fried writes in «Rework», an opportunity «where everybody avoid conflict or drama and flees from serious discussions or controversial opinions».
Everybody agreed the lady was very nice and popular with her jokes and good disposition. So, she was hired, accepting herself to become partner of a «son» she had never seen.

A year after the restaurant closed. The unknown lady who had become a partner in a birthday dinner «looked after» the accounting, decapitalizing the company. Not satisfied with that, also took the partner’s customers and created his own company with competitive prices.

Hiring / recruiting it is for who knows, not for who want, and in the right context