quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

The bet on fear and worries

Two common signs in toxic companies: Fear and Worry. These organizations are betting a lot on control through behavioral concerns. Worried and fearful employees are more likely to serve the interests of managers. Personal interests, therefore.

Identifying these features is relatively simple, even at first glance. After all, the whole environment speaks for itself. The way people move, such as dialogue, the appearance of the workspace, furniture... Concentrate on these points and feel the feedback from your body and your perception. Comfort? Seizure? Enthusiasm? Distrust?

Suppose you start working in a company after a first visit: A second assessment is to consider the key-phrases and sentences that dominate communication. Here you are some of the most characteristic expressions in organizations where the discomfort, fear and worry dominate. From my own experience.

- There's no money - These are bad times - There may be redundancies - We have to cut, cut and cut - There are many people out there to work - We have many resumes that are coming every day - There are many people out there that work very cheap - If you are unhappy, you have a big solution: The way door out -

This creates the habit of insecurity, the feeling of scarcity, the idea of chaos, a sense of concern. People feel themselves in danger, threatened and remain constantly on alert for survival.
Companies inculcated with anxiety, fear or concern are unhappy companies. What type of personal relationships and work can be built with feelings like fear, anxiety and insecurity? The hypothetical feeling of fear, threat or danger generates what? Productivity? Apparently not. Innovation? Apparently not. Creativity? It seems not too. Generates torment, defensiveness attitude and reserved behavior. And these are not potential for success and good performance.

If you work in a company with these signs, consider to change. Learn as much as possible for now and go to another company/ project. In sequence of what I have written in previous post, do not get sick. It is much worse.