sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

And suddenly, a companys wedding proposal

November Portuguese HR Magazine (RH Magazine) has an article about Engagement, from a survey done by Alter Via, a company of executive search: «Will you marry me? This is a proposal that companies should do to their employees.» Beautiful.

When the money has become the easiest resource to get and technology seems to be acessible, the more complex resource is retain talented people. The article confirms that people keep seeking for stability, comfort, commitment and a workplace where they can be happy. What really motivates and satisfies is the emotional link with company.

But there are two delicious pieces of text:
First one says «People are like children, they don't care about expensive toys, they only want atention and dedication».

Second one is something delightful and the reason I'm writing this post. A company wedding proposal: «I'll receive you as employee and promise to be loyal, develop you and promote you, in crisis and in prosperity, in success and in failure, in every contract day, untill your will separate us.»

What a delicious idea. The Alter Via's survey concluded that usual Human Resources dimensions only get significant impact at the rational engagement levels. So, the main motivation and satisfaction drivers, what make people give the best, the emotional Engagement, simply is not considered by company dimensions.

At the end, the article confirms what international studies already said: «(...) The main motivation drivers are factors such as autonomy in decision making, encouraging excellence and the inspiring purpose that justifies morally and existentially the occupation
For this to happen companies have to promote equal environments, freedom expression and commitment. This is a dream, a real dream that worth to fight for.