quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Great people in a great magazine, the Success

I've just finished reading December Success Magazine and couldn't resist to make a post of it. Why? Because, in my opinion, Success is the best magazine in the world. In this issue I've found a John Maxwell's text in wich he talks again of what leadership is. Allways great advices he gives us to be better. Take note: «If I had to identify the n. 1 misconception people have about leadership, it would be the belief that leadership comes from having a position or title. This position myth, that you can't lead if you're not at the top, couldn't be further than the truth. The erroneous thinking of this myth is that leadership is position, not influence

I've caught too many strong ideas from Tory Johnson article, «Stop Planning - Start Doing». Tory had an amazing job she loved at NBC, but suddenly she was sacked. Then, for the first time in her life she thought that was the moment she finally had to take charge of her life. So, Tory gives some advices of how to start on own business or creating a brand: «That means you have to know who is your target audience, what are you offering them, what are you marketing, what type of people are you targeting and how do you sell...»

I've found too an extraordinary interview of Paula Deen, a great cook that tells us her life story. She's a real winner and I've already added her to my Facebook page. «You cannot let fear paralyze you. You have to face your fears. You can't run from 'em, and I ran from 'em for 20 years. You have to be passionate. You really have to believe in whatever it is that you've chosen to tackle. You've got to be willin' to make sacrifices. When I was building up my business, I kinda referred to myself as "that old plow mule"; it was like I had to get up every day and put on these blinders so that I couldn't look to the right or to the left.
I had to keep my eye on my goal because if I looked out there and saw somebody livin' a normal life, a real well-rounded life and havin' a good time and doin' all those things, I felt like I would have dropped. So I had to keep my eye on the ball.»

The article of Tony Robbins is unavoidable, «Make The Decision»: «(...) You've got to take massive action; you've got to be resourceful. If there isn't a way, a leader makes a way to meet those standards. Find a way and make it the way you want it, whether it's your body, your energy, your career, your spiritual life or your relationships.»
In other extract I've highlihgted, Tony says «I don't care what you've achieved or how much money you've earned; if you live with an attitude of scarcity and limitation, if you wait for someone or something else to fulfill you, you're not going to be happy. You must make the decision to live with a mentality of abundance, and you will experience true freedom».

Finally, the cover article. Maria Shriver «that found her voice - and her mission - as a champion for women and families. Her crowning achievement has been The Women's Conference. Touted as the premier forum for women (...) it is the launching point for an ongoing effort that has positively impacted millions of lives in California and beyond.»

Great stories of great people in a great magazine