segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Jason Fried: «Why work doesn't happen at work?»

Jason Fried is an excellent example of a new world leader. He runs 37signals company and has absolutely great ideas about management. In this TED's video, Jason talks about interruptions, meetings and its impact on produtivity.

For example, if you ask people «where you realy want to go to get something done?», the answers are divided into three types: a location, an commuting object, and time. So, we got something like the «kitchen», the «library» the «cofee shop»; or a «train», a «plain», a «car»; or finally at «weekend». And why not at office? There is something wrong.

And Jason clarifies most of the times people only do few at work. There are many distractions, many interruptions. «How can we expect people work well if they are interrupted for all day».
In other hand, some bosses think facebook, twitter or e-mails are bad to work, but the real interruption is done by themselves, the bosses, who have to interrupt people to check if they are working and what they are doing.

But there's something more that seems to be awful to interrupt: meetings. If we have 10 people together in a meeting for an hour, it's not an hour we lose, but 10 hours of produtivity we took from company. And all we know most of the meetings is a waste of time, because most of the times there aren't so important issues to discuss or to decide. So, according to Jason «meetings are toxics and poisonous» because «you got to stop what you are doing, right now, whatever it is to go to the meeting listening to the boss»

In my opinion, bosses need meetings to tell people they are the bosses. To fell control of something. Enjoy the video.