quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 1

«If you talk to him/her you don't talk to me anymore»

I've been through some of these situations. Some years ago, a colleague of mine, manager of a department of a press company, told me: «I know you hang around some people here that are a mess. We don't like them. So, you go with these people and don't come here because you are not very reliable.»

Some of these «people» were in my department, and this colleague didn't like some. And also didn't like other from other departments, with whom I worked.
Thus, it became difficult to communicate. As I had to organize work with him, it was painful to do so. Nevertheless I never gave in to pressure and never interrupted or obstructed communication with anyone else.
Because I think if the company doesn't like the employee for any reason, should solve the problem once. Successful organizations are not compatible with these strokes of communication, with dramatic consequences...

Many companies are organized around groups. We believe it is part of being human. It's normal. Yes, I agree, but to some extent. Who has not been with people who interact well, but suddenly find not like someone and decide to stop to consider it, or even talk to her or him. And after that they try to propagate this attitude, exerting a pressure like «If you talk to him or her, do not talk with us, because we will not allow».

Within an organization this attitude is disruptive, destructive and affect the climate. Avoidance is not cooperating. Communication become restricted and company loses value, loses productivity, loses money, loses business.
The role of leaders is, of course, counter this trend, not yielding to these pressures, even if they entail some negative effects on themselves.

Remember that stroke is an interruption of communication and produces dramatic effects on the human body. Now transpose the situation to the company. Therefore, the comparison is not exaggerated, believe me.

PS: Oh, about the individual that I spoke earlier. For a long time resisted, but was not successful. He was sacked.