quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 5

«Go down there and bring me a packet of cigarrettes»

Another situation of assertion of power. The boss controls, the boss's boss. The personal favor is an institution, unfortunately very common.

"Buy me that magazine, you know... Take the money!"
"Go up stairs and deliver this sheets, hurry, hurry!!"
"Please go to the post office and send me this letter"
"Go down there and bring me a packet of cigarrettes"
"Can you do me a favor? Get down to the market and buy me a biological lettuce?"

This type of boss keep the employees busy, quiet and silent. If you refuse to make a favor, say goodbye because or you go straight to a «shelf» or, sonner or later, get fired.
Notice that this kind of managers or bosses usually are people with a huge lack of work capacity. They spend their time keeping the eyes in small tasks and in personal favors.

Companies of personal favors tend to die, but, meanwhile, they still are in a large number. According my experience, I noticed several times real competition between colleagues in order to have boss's preference. We all know why, because is an advantage, better salary or bonus, less work, less responsibility, and more complacency.

What happens then? The work turns in a second plan issue. Who cares about commitment, or effectiveness, whatever! The more preferences rise, as well as personal favor's activities, the more the business narrow. Till one day, when we stop defining the company as a... business.