sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

Why is ingrained or rooted bad...

Two days ago I was talking to a friend of mine, HR director in a big company, and, at some point, she told me there was so much to do in her company, so much to change, but unfortunately, a lot of habits were rooted, were ingrained.

After that lunch, I was thinking about it, «rooted or ingrained habits». What to do when things are ingrained? Occurred me that something rooted is not positive, being good or bad. As a matter of fact, if a we have a bad habit ingrained we're facing a real problem to change that. Maybe only with a epistemological cut. Radical. But, on the other hand, if what we have ingrained or rooted was a good habit, I think we have too some reasons to worry about.

Strange? Not so much to me now. A good habit is something we eventually have to change in time, because may no longer make sense, and become a bad habit.
How? I remember a company I was, where most of work processes worked well. The business was going well too and seemed everyone was happy. But the company had to change all work processes when we had to upgrade technologicaly.

For instance: Before, people had to go personally deliver some work in disket or in paper to other departments. After the upgrade, we started to working in a internal network. We'd bought a server. But people insisted in delivering personally all the work because they liked to interact. Further, they insisted to use diskets. They kept using papers, using too all excuses to justify their behavior.
Why was this happening? Most, because behaviors were ingrained, were rooted.
To solve the problems of good habits that one day had became bad, I had to write the whole rules that had to change and make them compulsory.

Fortunately, after a time of discontent, the organizational climate turned to stabilize and become less messy and friendly again.

Rooted or ingrained seems to me like something that crystallized and will be very difficult to change. Something that, sooner or later, must be cut or destroyed.