quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Being good from the wrong side

The Toxic Companies takes I'm publishing show us what shouldn't be done. As a mather of fact, I learned a lot with them and I'm grateful for having witnessed all these toxic episodes. At first I got a lot of pain, but soon noticed there're great lessons to learn from the «wrong» side of the bank. Which means there's always a chance to make a choice. If you are working for a company with toxic characteristics, please listen to your heart. What do you feel?

What do you want for your life? Do you really want this type of atmosphere? Are you really felling good, healthy, energized? Are you improving, learning something new? What's your opinion about your colleagues? Are you sure about achieving something good in the near future? What are your chances anyway? Ok, imagine you aren't feeling well.
Final question. Do you really want to bet in your company, with this type of climate?

If you're feeling uncomfortable, if you don't walk energized for your workday every morning, if you dislike your job or what you are doing, if you hate some of your colleagues, if you dislike some of your company's politics, like relationship with employees or customers, probably you are in position to take a great decision: «I'm going to change my life, starting from today.»
Remember that all the negative things lead to a positive decision. In my humble opinion, that's the point. You can be part of the evil if you stay longer. Or you can be part of a something good if you decide better... today.

As Jim Rohn used to say: «It's simple, but not easy.» But you must start doing something about it... Today.