quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Create a company as a painting… Or how to build a great culture

Bill Witherspoon, the founder of The Sky Factory, has created a fantastic company with one goal: «Create a company as beautiful as a painting». This is really something. I’ve never seen someone saying something like this. What has Bill done to reach a energizing culture and a beautiful company? In a Inc. Magazine interview he made it clear. Here is some insights:

- «There is no hierarchy at The Sky Factory – no managers or supervisors. Leaders are those who, in a given situation, lead. We use facilitators for the sake of coordination, and those roles rotate every week. Every week, a different person runs our general meeting – we go alphabetically. People who see a job do the job, because they don’t feel constrained by their perceived place in the company.»

- «Where there is no authority, there is no fear, and people rise to what is required of them»

- «Secrets corrupt cultures. Secrets cause backstabbing and power plays.»

- «All information about The Sky Factory is right out on the table- with the exception of HR issues and salaries.»

- «There’re two type of service: One is: I do this for you, and I expect a return. For example, I provide good customer service, and I expect loyalty. The other kind of service is selfless. I do something for you without thought of a return. I hesp you spontaneously and without thinking about it.»

- «At most companies, people take courses because new skills make them more valuable, so they can get ahead. At this company, we value people learning new skills so they can help others.»

- «We reward based on performance – of the individual, of the group, and of the business. Every month, we distribute 50 percent of net profit to everyone.»

- «What is Fine Art: Building a Beautiful Company. We all viewed hundreds of images and discussed how every brush stroke, every chisel mark, every pixel is linked to every other. Nothing stands in isolation.»

What happens? It happens that The Sky Factory has great, good and engaged people who perform at high level.