quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

The importance of being nitpicking

And when people self-praise about negative qualities? Weird, isn't it? One of that qualities I have listened from the owners of some small companies can be summarized in a simple phrase: «You know, I am very nitpicking.»

They think they are stars because they can always find some changes to make in other people work. They have always something to say about a lost detail in the middle of everything. In their opinion, being nitpicking is like being rigorous. And what can be done? Nothing, they are the owners, they are the bosses, they set the rules.

Nitpicking, my God! Being nitpicking is a lack of the essential. Is keeping all the attention on minor details. It's like going to buy a car ignoring it main qualities, security, consume, etc., but ask something like: «... And the car has a horn?»

This quality of being «nitpicking» is really something. I can't believe there are people glad to be like that. As if nitpicking was synonymous of success, inspiration or fulfillment.