quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

The obedient that bows all the time

A true story. Surely not only...
Joseph is the secretary of the treasurer, who is about to retire. Joseph already sees his future as treasurer. That's what he wants to make. A career as treasurer. He’s there more than a decade, he’s obedient, responsible, obsequious. And he’s helpful, very much.

Then the engineer, chairman, calls him, and there he goes running, serviceable. He knocks and then walks, bowing, repeating «good afternoon, sir» at every step. So, he delivers, bowed, all the documentation, among whispers explaining «these are to sign, sir, and these are for you sir». And the sir, engineer, signs and returns it to Joseph. «Thank you sir», he sighs. And withdraws, retreating, bowed, moreover making a sort of successive bows, and slavishly whispering «thank you, sir, good afternoon, sir».

Joseph is known as reliable guy. And finally he gets the expected promotion and becomes treasurer. Joseph has now improved salary, rank, is important in the company.

Three years passed. One day is called a team of consultants to evaluate some discrepancies in the accounts of the treasury. Joseph, one of the chairman’s trusted men, three years before promoted to treasurer, flees to Angola. Shortly after landing in Luanda, is already known in Lisbon that the embezzlement is about 70,000 euros.

Moral of the story. Always be suspicious of those who make bows. And, by the way, of those who, out of context, commends the lot, you run your hands by the shoulders or the back. Be suspicious of whisperings and of... obedience. An obedient person is a dangerous person? I do not know, but my experience tells me that subservience is very expensive. Who is subservient is not reliable.