terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

«Pampered» Customers

«Oh God, they're "pampered". This is what was missing me?»
or why it is so good to have «pampered» customers...

Oddly. I have at least two examples of this kind of management. One company was acquired by an holding. The other business has shrunk so that only hardly survives on the market, like a zombie beside his grave.

Situation 1 - The ad was being drafted in the graphics department. Suddenly, a customer's request came just to change the a detail in that ad. The manager says: «Oh, these guys (customers) are boring, they must be really "pampered". I won't do any change. Tell we've just finished the work and the newspaper is already in the printer. It was just what was missing?»

Situation 2 - The leader tells that the customer wants to make a change in the ad that is already inserted on a page. The employee mutters something like «A change! Now? But I did this for hours ago!... Can't we say no?» And the manager: «No, no! This time you have to open the page and make that change. We'll see after.»

From my point of view, I like «pampered» customers very much. They are a guarantee of revenue. They coming back all the time.
The service in a company should be around customers and services, of course, this is obvious, isn't it? Internal and external. A good services provider have a huge number of «pampered» customers.