segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 9

She wanted to be a leader
but not even to a manager she reached 

Not long time ago there was a media company. Market leader. Inside it there was a proofreading department with ten employees. The team had no direct manager for a year, that meant they had some remote leadership from the art director, a 55 years old respectable guy. But people seemed to be autonomous. They were managing everything, all the work processes and no one in that company complained about their work.
One day, a senior computer technician asked for job for his wife, a 26 years old lady, recently graduated in math and unemployed.

The lady started working and learning proofreading from scratch. The team helped her step by step. But the lady was a little bit moody, and many times she showed up upset, sad, worried, quiet. She was working very slowly and much of work had to be done by the rest of the team. People alerted her about the fact, but nothing happened. Why? Because the lady had protection from the art director.

Big problem. As the time passed, the lady became more lazy, got huge breaks to smoke, extra time to dinner and spent lots of time talking with other departament's colleagues. The team, somehow, got uncomfortable. There had been six months from the moment she had started. And then, something extraordinary happened. All of a sudden, the lady became the manager.

Well, big big problem. The lady knew less than necessary about all the workprocess, hadn't grammatical knowledge, hadn't rythm. What happened then?
The lady started to change some routines, giving strange orders, weirdly organizing specific breaks and groups to lunch and to snack. Moreover, she prevented people from asking work questions to the two most experienced members of the team. «You have to ask me, not to them» she said.

Situation: Suddenly, a question emerged. A team member asked her how to write or to correct something. The lady, manager, picked the dictionary next to her looking for the solution and later she answered. Absolutely ridiculous.

Dramatic finish: The three most competent team members left the company. Six months later, the company was sold to a media holding. The lady got depressed, affected psychologicaly. She got fired. The art director got fired too.

What can we get from the story? When companies get rid of the best employees, sooner or later have to fire the worst employees too. It's not a matter of destiny, but it is a kind of...