terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

What unhealthy people talk about?

Another day it occurred me something obvious. So obvious that usually we don't think on it. What unhealthy people talk about? No, there're not people in hospital I'm talking about. It is people chating on the «middle» of the street, on coffee shops, on supermarkets, etc.
Everywhere we can find people talking about their ills, their diseases. They talk about doctors, pharmacies, pills, pains, ills, other people's ills. And they repeat again and again each time detailing their suffering.
Uff, God, it is really a flurry of stories that often bother listeners, unless it is someone else... ill. But deep, deep down, it's understandable because people talk more about troubles and what bothers them.

Well, and speaking of people who work in «unhealthy» companies?
They talk about business «diseases» , dysfunctional management, money or lack of it, the end of the month, timetable, staff, colleagues, boring job, crisis, lack of opportunities, training, inertia, and lots of gossip.

And speaking of healthy people? What they do talk about?
Projects, friends, happiness, plans to the weekend, holiday, sports, meals, fun, healthy people...

And speaking of people of healthy companies?
Life projects, work projects, training opportunities, ideas, happy colleagues, holiday, recreation, trips.

Well, where does this take us?
If a large number of real unhealthy people have no chance to change for a better feeling reality, by contrast, a large proportion of unhealthy workers in unhealthy companies have their chance of changing the process. How? By creating a turning point. If you talk too much about company «diseases» or its dysfunctionalities and you are feeling uncomfortable, it's time to change... Now. Don't wait longer... until you become... unhealthy as your company. The turning point is up to you. Please get rid of unhealthy environments.