quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

«The Adjustment Bureau»

I’ve just watched the «The Adjustment Bureau» movie. I didn't care about all institutional texts from opinion makers, that had given it a low mark. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt represent two life stories that cross each other, «by luck» and because of a «programming» error. Both find their superior life meaning. Being together, more time, maybe forever.

But seems there is an adjustment to do. He, Damon, is a promising EUA politician. She will have a great future as a dancer. Now the movie begins. Because the «adjustment» is defined by a transcendent entity, that sends agents to program human life. And then the film let us know that the Damon and Blunt first meeting was due to a mistake from a destiny’s agent. A incompetence: Damon would have had coffee dropped in his shirt in order to not meet Blunt.

The movie goes on around these two fights. One from the couple who wants to have that relationship, another from the agents who try to fix the «error», arranging troubles to separate the couple.

What can we get from the whole story? The concept of meaning. The agents of destiny have some reasons. They monitor society. They make the way for each of human being, concerning to career, life and common good. They decide that «the free will is something transcends human kind, staying beyond our knowledge and lead us to do bad choices».

But for sure the life meaning of the couple, Damon and Blunt, wouldn't be the same with the «logical» and programmed decision. Nothing more than fill the empty soul. Why? Because of meaning.

The movie has a well end. The couple fights for their life meaning, excluding part of their career dreams. Both fight for their possibilities, for their choices. Life is a succession of events, meetings, glances, wills, choices, decisions. We make the program, every day, from the How, When, Where, with Whom, for What and Why.

Luck and bad luck is only a matter of feedback definition. We call Luck or Bad Luck to those things that happen to us and that we didn’t expect for. A good film anyway.