quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

The banana peel

When we don't have organization in a organization (the repetition is intentional), policy becomes the «banana peel». With no HR policy, development plans, training, appraisal, communication, all the employees get away with as they can. How? Acomplishing the tasks they think importants, according their interpretation of what the manager wants.

The problem emerges when someone doesn't catch well the reality, disagrees or, somehow plays in a different field. Instead of the organization respond properly, leading the employee for a better productivity or integration, the option is what I call a «banana peel» in order to get rid of him, as soon as possible.

First time I faced a situation like this it was in my late 18 years. I had started to work in a factory for a year. A colleague of mine, competent in his work, didn't attract the team empathy. People didn't like him, simply because «he was a jerk, he only drank juice, didn't smoke and laughed a lot and loudly». Weird!
Nothing was related to performance. Anyway, one day, the engineer, chating with department's manager, said: «I really don't like the guy, and if no one likes the guy too we can get him a banana peel. And then we can fire the guy... Lets do it?»

By «chance» (comas are intentional), the manager didn't want any involvement, and suddenly began to stammer. He probably expected something happened by itself. So, the matter just died there. Both engineer and manager would have prefer the «banana peel» could came from heaven as a transcendental event.

PS: «Banana Peel» is a work situation arranged in order to lead an employee to a fatal mistake.