segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

Hiring is for skilled people...

Hiring or recruiting is to skilled people
not for those who want!...

An extraordinary lesson. About «Rework» book, written by Jason Fried and David Hansson, the chapter Stranger at a Cocktail Party: «If you go to a cocktail party where everyone is a stranger, the conversation is dull and stiff. You make small talk about the weather, sports, TV shows, etc. you shy away from serious conversations and controversial opinions. (...) Everyone tries to avoid any conflict or drama. No one says "This idea sucks". People appease instead of challenge.
And the appeasement is what gets companies into trouble. You need to be able to tell people when they're full of crap. If that doesn't happen, or start churning out something that doesn't offend anyone but also doesn't make anyone fall in love.

You need an environment where everyone feels safe enough to be honest when things get tough. You need to know how far you can push someone. You need to know what people really mean when they say something. So, hire slowly. It's the only way to avoid winding up at a cocktail party of strangers.»

I've seen many times people blaming employees they hired for «wrong» behaviors or performance, or even character. But it seems pathetic listen to people who don't assume their responsability. Ultimately, there's always, at least, a first responsable: the recruiter.