domingo, 6 de março de 2011

The King's Speach

A matter of status, skills and being different

I've just watched «The King's Speach» movie. In fact, a piece of art. A rich man with a huge handicap. A poor man with a huge skill. A rich man with a huge status quo. A poor man with no status quo. A rich man that hadn't shown his potential because of a phisiological and psychological lacks. A poor man that hadn't shown his potential because of a lack of status.

Then, these two men met. Under the circumstances. The rich and important man is trapped by his weak side. The stammer. The poor man is trapped by his lack of status. And because of that they have a lot of troubles. Something that the movie shows us till the end, when the rich man, the king, with all his status, had to recognize the value and the importance of a skilled kind man. So, somehow, the king became kind. And the kind man remained kind. And they won the battle, together, and both helped to win the war against Nazis. Finally, the king was able to make a speech to British people, overcoming his stammer, reinforcing people will to win the war.

Lionel, the skilled man, was different at that time. Something tough in a era of restrictive and embarassing protocols. «I'll call you Doctor, and you'll call me Highness or Excellency». «Difficult. My rules here, in my office.», said Lionel. «We'll call each other by names. We have to be closer, like equals. I'll call you Berthie (Albert's abbreviation)», something like that was the first step of the interaction between Albert the VI (Great Britain's King) and Lionel, the speech therapist.

As Youngme Moon writes in her book, «Different», «Differentiation is a way of thinking. It's a mindset. It's a commitment. A commitment to engage with people - not in a manner to which they are merely unaccustomed, but in a manner that they will value, respect, and yes, perhaps even celebrate. (...) A commitment to not taking the status quo for granted.»