sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

More about «Different»

Youngme Moon, Professor of Business
Administration, Harvard Business School
«Too much yin without enough yang can get a little mind-numbing»

I've already written about Youngme Moon' book, «Different», but I can't resist return to it. Youngme is the Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and her research focuses on marketing innovation and brand differentiation. She defines «our existence» like that, «There is familiarity and theres is change; there is similarity and there is difference». So far, nothing new, but...
... Then she expands her idea about the way we behave according our circumstances and that made me think in what extent we have to be aware about we are doing, how we are doing, what, when and why.

About discontinuity
Take note: «When we are overwhelmed by discontinuity, we hunger for stability, which means that something as basic as a photograph here, an armchair there, can provide ballast to an otherwise unsettled psyche. (...) When we are overwhelmed by change, a small token of familiarity can be comfort food for the soul»

About similarity
«On the other hand, when our lives are saturated with sameness, the overall effect can be desensitizing; too much familiary has an odd way of rendering things invisible. I have driven from my office to my house so many times that I can pull into my driveway with no recollection of the ride that got me there.
(...) Somehow, a lack of impression has turned into a lack of perception. This is the understated zen of familiarity: It doesn't so much provide pleasure as it removes provocation.»

As the psychologist (Professor at Harvard University) Elle Langer says: Mindlessness referes to our tendency to perform on autopilot, without thinking, and it's typically the result of "over-learning" - of becoming so used to responding in a certain manner that we're not even aware that we're doing it anymore.
And Youngme adds: «When we act mindlessly, there is mental inertia even in the presence of physical motion. (...) Too much yin without enough yang can get a little mind-numbing.»

It occurred me that we have to be aware of what we are doing in order to bring balance to our lives. Simple, not easy, but possible.
Sometimes we have to do what we are not doing and not do what we are doing. Change routines, goals, habits, in a shaking life process.