quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

The For Free and the sparrows

What can sparrows teach to For Free companies?

What's the matter with the sparrows? Well, nothing. Everything is going according the Mother Nature. Ok, and what's the matter with For Free companies? Everything. Why? Because is a humankind creation. Against Mother Nature rules.

Let me explain, if I can sell you this idea. Let me try. So, everyday, just in the morning, sparrows land in my kitchen's window sill, chirping. They land and stay. Guess why they stay?... I use to put there some bread crumbs in order to see them, graciously picking the pieces of bread. The story almost ends here. It's very simple to understand. When the sparrows don't have any bread in the window sill, not worth to land, not even stay. They have more to do, to survive, than just give me the pleasure of seeing them... for free.

Let me give you another example. The Circus. Have you noticed that animals in circus make stuntsfor something in return? If a monkey receives a peanut to making a flip-flap, everything goes well. But if the guy doesn't give him the peanut, maybe the monkey, confused and hopefull, tries again and again. Three times, maybe. Then, if he doesn't have the peanut as reward, no more flip-flap can be expected.

As we can see, production only can happen with rewards. If we don't have rewards, the only thing we can do is keep seeking for them.
Have you read «Who Moved My Cheese» book? Well, people, like everything alive in this world, are looking for a cheese. Nobody stays in a place with no cheese. The For Free is like making an agenda of slow death.

I'll finish this post with a question: What kind of future can expect companies that ask for people to working for free, even calling them trainees?
Companies in Portugal are weirdly defining trainees people skilled on 4, 5 or 6 softwares and with a huge range of emotional qualities. This is not a trainee, this is a real experienced professional.

I like sparrows