quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

The four forces of motivation

A friend of mine, Paulo José, is now studying at Harvard Business School and he's been telling some friends about a few learned theories. Here is an example, about four main forces of motivation, from a paper published in Harvard Business Review in 2008.

1 - Drive to Acquire - The drive to acquire physical goods or experiences that increase our sense of well being. Food, clothing, money, travel, getting a promotion. It is relative (we always compare what we get to what others got) and insatiable (we always want more).

2 - Drive to Bond - The drive to connect to others or to the organization. When this drive is met it is associate with strong emotions such as love and caring.

3 - Drive to Comprehend - The drive to understand the world around us. We like to give meaning to things, and are invigorated to work out for answers. In the workplace it is the desire to make a meaningful contribution.

4 - Drive to Defend - The drive to defend ourselves, our property, our accomplishments, our family and friends and our ideas and beliefs against external threats. In the workplace it is a quest to create institutions that promote justice, that have clear goals and intentions, and that allow people to express their ideas and opinions. The drive to defend tells us a lot about people's resistance to change.

Understand this can be a step to self-development and to take action in a different way