segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011


In his book «Tribes», Seth Godin talks about... GRAZE. What means graze for people? Well, the old era is about to finish, because, according to Seth, people has been grazing for many years and this activity don't feed people anymore.

How Seth defines graze? People that were trained to be obedient in order to do idiot work and feeling enough fear to stay in the line. Companies hire graduated people to be peacefull, consistent and keen on acceptance through fear of being fired.
Employees are not guilty, but they suffer the consequences of belonging to a herd. Just because they were trained to be sheeps.

Have you noticed human sheep don't do work with passion? As Seth says, they go on holiday for two weeks trying to forget the rest of 50: Isn't so sad seeing the receptionist of a company standing still there, year after year, answering some phone calls and spending the rest of the day reading magazines, with her thoughts, waiting and waiting. And then the downsizing day came, cruel, punishing that inactivity, punishing the sheep for doing the work the company wanted her to do.

This situation happened in a company where I worked. Three receptionists were fired after twelve years of service. They had never had any opportunity of growing, of training. The company only had «granted» them that position of receptionist. And, because they didn't do anything to change their situation, the situation came to them, all of a sudden. A sad story for employees just because they believed in the idea of being quiet sheeps.

Final sugestion: Don't be a sheep. You don't have to belong the herd