segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 10

The whiners

One of the toxic companies labels are the whining atmosphere. All the people have a complain about something. They blame co-workers, they blame peers, other departments, the boss, the manager.

I havwe worked about ten years in a small company with this type of climate. Seemed everybody didn't have any responsability for anything. What happened? Produts have lowered their quality, profits have fallen, some people were made redundant in a «quick fix» downsizing, facilities have been degraded. Coffee was no longer provided by company because of lack of money, as well as toilet paper. It's not a joke. I'm serious.
The company produced newspapers and magazines. The solution provided by the CEO was only based in this kind of statement: «Well, the market is very complicated at moment. People don't have money to buy so much newspapers as before, unfortunately, there are other publications in the market. So, the only solution I'm seeing to solve the problem for now is to increase the price of our newspapers (there were two) and reduce the number of pages. Let's cut four.»

This guy of 55 years old had been minister of media communication. And he started a kind of drift that was repeated in time. Increasing prices, reducing pages. The effect: well, they had to sell the company some years after several mentioned decisions.
Even facing this reality, people kept the complaining style, whining about the world and the market. Anyway, they had «captured» the CEO and chairman styles. Instead of thinking of adding value to produts, they prefered whining. Of course they didn't felt responsable for the events.

So, if the atmosphere of your company is complaining
and whining I assure you don't have any future there