quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 11

A blaming atmosphere

«Who has done this?»
«Sorry, but it's not my fault. This happened because they haven't given me the text well»
«I have nothing to do with that?, Why didn't he check all the stuff?»

It's a type of a label in toxic companies. Blaming and don't take responsabilities for anything. Starting from the boss, who allways seeks for a guilty in all situations, with a «WHO (fill in the blank)?»

How this happened? And what can we do to make it no happen again? What can we do to not repeat this? Something have to change in work process in order to make things go right.

Precisely, this type of question doesn't exist in toxic companies. What is important is allways finding a guilty, while the problem remains the same. I think this kind of culture is intentional and fostered by bosses in order to get rid of responsabilities and for make them the victims. Victims of incompetency of their co-workers. So, they feel better and they seem better than they are at the eyes of the board. The only problem is they are surrounded by incompetents and careless people. The board often accepts this reality, so the board keep accepting blaming activities...

That, really, are not solutions at all. It's only a way of keep going with the old habits, going till the disaster. Two posts ago, I did a videolog talking about the words that can change the reality: How and What. A powerfull way of achieving something successfully. See post toxic companies - take 7 too.

In toxic companies, much of the questions start with an WHO. Let's change this...