sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 12

Invoking boss's name

«The chairman wants this like that from now one»
or «The CEO told doesn't want you to do this as usual»

This is the type of situations that happen in toxic companies where we can find managers don't taking responsibility of their options. The fact is in most, to not tell all, of their decisions they always tell employees it was not them (managers) but the chairman or the CEO that took the decision. And they spend all the time saying the responsability of this or that change is not them (managers) but them (bosses).

The exception is when something is positive. Then here we are a pretentious manager.
Lack of accountability is a desease in our organizations. Starting in state institutions, that give themselves the luxury of repeating errors and mistakes, and making disastrous «investments», spending money with no balance. We all know there is not their money they spend. But they spend to much time in TV, in public speeches, telling people the fault is from markets, is from banks, is from international crisis, it's the price of gas.

Have you ever noticed that there is not a single situation of taking themselves the responsibility? They are allways the victims. Victims of the system (that is an entity with no face), victims of external events.

Politicians always invoke the system's names