quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Toxic Companies - Take 14

Delayed payments

This is quite obvious, but is a strong feature. Because, in a large number of companies this is a question of culture. Let me clear something, this is a kind of exclusive acting in small enterprises. Called «familiar», with twenty or thirthy people.

The owner (and chairman too) starts giving the idea of lack of money. Why? Ok, one day, the owner of a company where I worked told me something interesting: «Jorge, we can't give the idea of abundance, of success to all these people. You see, even if you get a good money, we have to tell people that the reality is not good and the future is not shiny. You don't have enough experience to understand this, but I can tell you that people become frightened and will work a lot. What will happen if you tell them the newspaper is selling well and the company is getting profits? You will have all the staff asking you for salary rises. Do you understand?»

This type of a paternalist lesson stuck in my memory. And I could see the results of so «wise» strategy. Salaries were paid always one, two or three days after the end of the month. People got afraid of what that meant. As the time passed, company staff got tired of so much scarcity, and slowed down their commitment, retained the knowledge they could and spent all the time talking about the situations in a negative way.

Today, the company still resists but as a zombie in a predatory market and with only a few people, because the rest were gone. I no longer work there for two years. I had to find projects, my own project of life and feel again hope and a meaning in my work life.

If you work in a company with this culture, it's better think on going away