segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

How to change organizations (I)

Fear and resistance factors

Question: Why people resist to change? Answer: FEAR. That lead to a continuous resistance and fear with consequences to company and people. Fear of what? FEAR of LOST. Lets take notes to some characteristics of resistance.

- Lost of sense of security in their daily activity, loosing comfort paterns
- Lack of perception of ability to adapt to a new circumstance
- Fear of lose some work conditions, as freedom
- Fear that the change implies losing responsabilities, authority, status quo, privileges
- Fear that the change process means a criticism of previous performance
- Fear of negative implication in networking, as interactions of support
- Finally, fear of facing a relegation or losing the job

Those perceptions lead to a batery of excuses, all of them against change. According Kets de Vries, INSEAD's professor, here are the most common excuses to avoid change processes:

- We have always done things this way, and for a long time
- Till today, nobody tried to do that
- In a theoretical perspective, may even work, but in practice...
- It didn't work when was tried
- That won't work in small / big companies
- We need to study that
- We don't have money / resources / time to do that
- We will get in trouble
- Let's not rush things
- We need to think about it for a while
- Definitely, it's not how we work here
- We are different, we must end up here

So, knowing how things work we have the basis on which we can work. We have to change people mental representations. Let's get down to work. Next post I'll write about steps of change.