quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

How to change organizations (III)

The dramatic role of leadership

In this last of three posts about change, leadership is under spotlights. With no effectiveness leadership, the new reality never will be accepted. So, in order to be succeed in a changing process, here are five essential items, according Manfred Kets de Vries, INSEAD's professor:

1 - Sense of purpose. Leaders can create it making a loudly public announcement of the vision of the future. That's the only way to get strong teams with identity.
2 - Self-determination. Essential. Each person should feel control over their lives and about the choices they make.
3 - Impact. If people had the perception of the importance each one have in a changing process, steps will be strong toward the new reality
4 - Competence. That comes from training. Which means that people must feel they can evolve and develop.
5 - The last item. Concerning to a shared system values. And here the leaders have a dramatic role. More important is knowing «how things are done». Values as the respect for the individual, empowerment, client focus, goal oriented, attitude, satisfaction, responsability, continuos development and trust foster a changing and a successful climate.

What can we say more? Change has come to stay, with or without our approval. Did you know that an Herald Tribune page has more information than any person in the Middle Age could be exposed in their whole life?