domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

Coaching lesson at ISCTE, by Alexandra Lemos

Alexandra Lemos, Joseph O'Connor's partner (Mindcoach) in her coaching lesson at ISCTE business school. As you can see, all the furniture was organized in a different way. We moved some desks and armchairs to the background of the class. So, we all had eye contact with Alexandra, and we could do some exercises in the middle of the room. Coaching is not something we can learn with a traditional view.

This videolog was recorded just in the early moments of the lesson. Students were coming from their work day and Alexandra was giving some sugestions about how a coach have to perform. There are a structure that coach has to follow in order to succeed in his approach, she explains to a student that had made an exercise the day before, not so well succeed as he could expected.