segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

As pedras da nossa vida (Our life's stones)

Here is a small story about life attitudes and how can we take control of our destinies. I've taken this story, a metaphor, from a great book of Richard Bandler, «Get The Life You Want».
Once upon a time there was a king who placed a boulder right in the middle of a street. Then he hid himself behind a bush to watch what would happen after. Some of the wealthiest merchants and courtiers came on but only bypassed or complaint about the boulder. Some even blamed the king for not order the withdrawal the boulder away.

All of a sudden, a peasant just showed up carrying a load of vegetables. When he faced the boulder, he landed the vegetables and started trying to remove the boulder from the way. He pushed one, two, three times, and, with all his effort, finally he managed to remove the boulder.

He was happy and prepared to go his own way again, but suddenly he saw a small purse in front of him, right in the same place where the big stone was. The purse had some gold coins and a paper with a message from the king saying the coins were to the one who managed to remove the boulder from the way.

And the story ends here. All of us can chose the way we deal with the stones of our life. We can remove them from our way or stand still, blaming or complaining.