terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Não assuma o controlo, desfrute

The book of Paul Wilson, «The Piece of the Quiet», is not just a piece, it's really a masterpiece. Known as the Guru of Calm, Paul teaches how to feel better by controlling the thoughts and how to manage to meditate. All depends of your ability to play with thoughts, that come and go and come and go. If you let thoughts across your mind without envolve with them, you are able to reach the quiet and meditate.

Actually, says Paul, you can't control anything, thoughts, other people, relaxation, even your ability to be quiet. The only thing you can control is your impulse to control things. You are going to feel free in the moment you do this.
Another important detail is the result orientation. Human beings have the dramatic habit of focus on results. The key is to focus on the present in order to enjoy the process, calm and aware.

And the power of verbs. We spend all the time saying «must», «should», «have to». According Paul, these verbs add pressure and bring stress and unrest. The good news is we can change verbs, to «I opt to» or «I can do» or «Is possible».
Now, I opt to say you to read the book. In a couple of hours you can learn a lot how to be quiet and calm and enjoy life. Paul writes «There's a great satisfaction and comfort in understanding that you don't need doing anything to find out this deepen and fugitive state. It comes when you leave out the doing and starts to staying. When you stop to fight for things, you start to enjoy where you are

(Em português, o livro de Paul Wilson chama-se «Um Pouco de Paz» e está à venda nas livrarias. É um livrinho pequeno, que se lê num par de horas. Duas horas de sabedoria e de paz)